Jewelry manufacturer

Wholesale jewelry suppliers, Custom jewelry factory. Our main products: Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet, Rings and set, Brooch, Hair jewelry etc… 

Jewelry manufacturer

Customize your exclusive jewelry

accessories-manufacturer.com on a jewelry manufacturer of many years of expert craftsmanship with beautifully designed necklaces and pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings and more.
With more than 8 years exprience, our jewelry factory can provide clients competive prices and better custom jewelry service.

Earring Sample – Custom Earring

Earring Manufacturer

The earring series products designed by earring manufacturers use pearl elements and fashionable retro designs to highlight the customer’s fashionable charm. Exquisite metal aesthetics make customers charming. The geometric structure of simple points and lines can meet the fashion needs of most customers.

Necklace Sample – Custom Necklace

Necklace Manufacturer

In necklace manufacturers, pendants can be customized in a variety of ways, making them one of the most popular accessories. Necklaces with various designs can be arbitrarily combined. Wear two necklaces together to enhance your sense of layering.

Ring Sample – Custom Ring

Ring Manufacturer

Ring manufacturer’s ring has various designs, V-shaped, inlaid gemstones, twisted rope design, lettering, patterns, etc., rich in styles, fashionable, versatile, and also combine wholesale to solve your problem.

Customized rings can better represent love, and experienced designers can design rings that suit you.

Bracelet Sample – Custom Bracelet

Bracelet Manufacturer

Bracelet manufacturer’s bracelet, the basic slender bracelets soften the lines of the wrist; the wide-designed bracelets, simple and elegant, personalized bracelets, attract attention; they can effectively decorate our overall look.

Anklet  Sample – Custom Anklet

Anklet Manufacturer

Anklets can increase a woman’s charm, and jewelry manufacturer specialize in producing fashionable anklets for female customers.

As an element of daily decoration, anklets reflect our ability to fashion collocations as well as our personal style of dressing and collocation.

Fast Question & Answer

Can you tell me what your minimum order quantity is?

Our products can be ordered at wholesale with a MOQ of 10 units. Welcome to place an order with us!

What is the payment process?

Our payment methods include T/T, West Union, PayPal, and so on. We recommend you choose T/T and PayPal payments.

What is the best way to package?

Different packaging is available for different products or you can design your own packaging to save space.

Is it possible to get a discount?

If we cooperate twice, your orders will have first priority after we give you a competitive price.

Is there a delivery you can arrange for me?

You can have your order delivered by UPS, DHL, FedEx, Sea, and Train from Guangzhou, Shenzhen.

Can you provide any other services?

Every time you become a VIP customer, we will send you our latest samples for free.
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